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Determines the tensile properties of all kinds of yarn either in single, plied or cable form


  • Capacity 50N
  • Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) principle
  • Elongation range upto 800%
  • Built-in self-diagnostic test facility
  • Auto pre-tension depending upon the count selected
  • Calibration : Multi-mass
  • Operator convenience: Test start by Optic (Hand sensing) / Foot switch / Push button switch
  • Automatic and quick returning of moving jaw to home position after completion of each test
  • Numerical results – Breaking Force, Breaking Elongation, RKM, Time to Break & Work Done
  • Graphical results – Force Elongation curve, Stroke Diagram, Frequency Distribution curve & Scatter Plot
  • Selectable force unit: gf and cN; selectable elongation unit: %, mm & inch

Availability : delivery within 7 to 10 days