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HVT Expert 1401

To determine fiber properties like Length, Strength, Micronaire, Maturity, Moisture, Color & Gravimetric Trash


  • Measures important fiber properties like Length & Strength with automated sampling, Micronaire, Maturity, Moisture, Color & Real Trash.
  • Less space occupation, less weight and comfortable Stainless Steel top work space.
  • Combined and independent module testing.
  • Calibration in both ICC & HVI mode by USDA or any other international calibration cotton.
  • Parallel as well as simultaneous operations ensures faster testing.
  • Flexible report options like Date wise, Lot wise, Cotton type wise as well as Consolidated reports.
  • Spinnability estimation of predicted CSP and Process proficiency (PP) in addition to SFI, FQI calculations.
  • Length & Strength – can be measured in ICC and HVI mode. Results : length – 2.5% SL, 50% SL, UR% in ICC mode and UHML, ML, UI% in HVI mode. Strength – g/tex and elongation %
  • AutoSampler – Automated fiber comb sampling for conducting length & strength test with better sampling repeat-ability avoids operator influence.
  • Fineness & Maturity – Fineness range : 2.0 to 8.0 microgram / inch and true maturity properties like maturity ratio, percentage maturity and maturity co-efficient measurements through double compression.
  • Color & Moisture – Fiber color properties like reflectance (Rd), degree of yellowness (+b) and Color grade (CG) by optical principle. Moisture range : 3.5% to 20% by electrical conductance principle.
  • Trash Module – Advanced trash separation in 10 / 50 grams by buoyancy separation technique by the use of air currents.

Availability : delivery within 10 to 30 days