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High Volume Fibre Tester (HVI) HVT Expert 1301

  1. Measuring the important fiber properties like Length, Strength, Micronaire, Maturity, Moisture, Color & Trash.
  2. Less space occupation, less weight and comfortable Stainless Steel top work space.
  3. Combined and independent module testing.
  4. Calibration in both ICC & HVI mode by USDA or any other international calibration cotton.
  5. Parallel as well as simultaneous operations ensures faster testing.
  6. Flexible report options like date wise, lot wise, cotton type wise as well as consolidated reports.
  7. Spinnability estimation of predicted CSP and Process proficiency (PP) in addition to SFI, FQI calculations.
  8. Length & Strength – can be measured in ICC and HVI mode. Results : length – 2.5% SL, 50% SL, UR% in ICC mode and UHML, ML, UI% in HVI mode. Strength – g/tex and elongation %
  9. Fineness & Maturity – Fineness range : 2.0 to 8.0 microgram / inch and true maturity properties like maturity ratio, percentage maturity and maturity co-efficient measurements through double compression.
  10. Color & Moisture –  Fiber color properties like reflectance (Rd), degree of yellowness (+b) and Color grade (CG) by optical principle. Moisture range : 3.5% to 20% by electrical conductance principle.
  11. Trash Module – Advanced trash separation in 10 / 50 grams by buoyancy separation technique by the use of air currents.

Availability : delivery within 10 to 30 days

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