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ComboData DXT

Determine the peak breaking force and elongation of yarn in skein form (Lea) having 1.5 yards girth.


  • A Combination of AutoStretch XT + Electronic Balance + SpinSoft
  • Provision to test Single yarn test module (RKM / Tenacity)Tensile of monofilament and spun yarns, either in single, plied or cabled form (Through software)
  • SpinSoft, an ultimate windows based core software package to evaluate lea count and strength (CSP).
  • SpinSoft provides a) CSP analysis including separate hank, count, strength and GSM analysis in statistical and graphical format. b) A%, Stretch % and Noil % tests. c) Wheel change advice, significant differences, expected CSP calculations and conversion tables.
  • Facility to accommodate 15 type of electronic balance for count and hank measurement.
  • Individual operator password security system. Search and Report option : Date wise / Month wise / Frame wise / Operator wise / Count wise / Lot wise / Shift wise and consolidated.
  • Printing option : Vertical and Horizontal format.
  • Results in form of mean value, average, min. value, max. value, SD, CV %, RH corrected, trend chart, histogram, control chart and Force Elongation curve.

Availability : delivery within 7 to 10 days